The Seraphim Icon Group

Thank you for coming to our exhibition in November 2018.

We thank the Carmelite Library for hosting this exhibition as part of the building’s centenary year celebrations.


View over 50 icons.
Byzantine icons, Russian icons, Coptic icons, Ethiopian icons, Contemporary icons and more.

Icons for display, sale or commission.

The purpose of icons is three-fold:


To create reverence in worship

To instruct those who are unable to read

To serve as an existential link between the worshipper and God


Taken from ‘Introducing The Orthodox Church – Its Faith & Life’ by Anthony M Coniaris, 1982, p 225


Latin, from Greek eikōn, from eikenai to resemble

No one has seen God at any time
John 1:18

Of old, God was never depicted. Now, however, when God is seen, clothed in flesh and conversing with man, I make an image of God, of the God whom I can see. I do not worship matter. I worship the God of matter who became matter for my sake …. to work out my salvation through matter.
St John of Damascus